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Picture of OVH-10-GSC


OVH-10 Ventless Hood with Steam Condenser

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The OVH-10-GSC is a Recirculating Ventless Hood designed
specifically for combi oven steamers.
• Mounts directly to the oven ... Slim design matches the oven’s
footprint, creating a single unit appearance.
• Durable stainless steel construction.
• Eliminates need for costly building modifications and the
construction hassles involved with installing conventional
ventilation hoods.
• The one-of-a-kind OVH-10-GSC sends combi oven steam
exhaust through Giles Steam Condensing Techonolgy, which is
then condensed with a recircualting water cooling system.
• If local code requires fire suppression, the unit can be ordered with
factory-installed fire extinguisher piping and fusible link system.
External fire suppression system, installation, connection and certification is the
responsibility of the user and is not included.
Description Start Date EndDate Download
OVH-10-GSC 03.30.16 3/30/2016 3/30/2099 Download
Description Start Date EndDate Download