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Picture of FSH-3.5 Hood

FSH-3.5 Hood

42" Ventless Recirculating Hood, 4-Stage Air Cleaning System w/electrostatic collection and odor control.

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The FSH-3.5, Type-1, Ventless Recirculating Hood features Giles' proven ventless technology; eliminates need for expensive ductwork, and building or kitchen modifications.  Typically, can be installed where conventional ventilation hood solutions are prohibited or too costly for the budget.  The narrower width is ideal for medium size applications.

This unique stainless steel Hood meets requirements for grease-laden vapor removal on a variety of electric foodservice equipment, and applications, featuring a 4-Stage Air Cleaning System with Baffle Grease Filter, Fiber Pre-filter, Electrostatic Air Cleaner, and Activated Carbon Filter.  See the cutsheet for specific limitations related to maximum appliance kilowatt rating, temperature, fryer shortening capacity, and cooking surface area. 

Two mounting options ... Hang from ceiling, or mount on 72" Floor Stand.

The FSH-3.5 Ventless Hood is designed and listed for an Ansul R-102A Fire Suppression System.  The Hood includes factory-installed piping, plenum discharge nozzles, fusible link brackets, and fusible link conduit and is ready for connection.  Final installation, connection, charging and certification of the fire system must be performed by an authorized Ansul agent.  Purchase of fire system components and cost of installation (material and labor) is NOT included with Hood purchase, and must be provided by the purchaser.

FSH-3.5, Ceiling Mount, 208-240/60/1
208-240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1-phase, Ceiling Hung
FSH-3.5 w/72" Floor Stand, 208-240/60/1
208-240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1-phase, 72" Floor Stand
FSH-3.5, Ceiling Mount, 208-240/60/1, ILS
208-240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1-phase, Ceiling Hung, InterLocked Start Option (required for certain locales only, check code)
FSH-3.5, w/72" Floor Stand, 208-240/60/1, ILS
208-240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1-phase, 72" Floor Stand, InterLocked Start Option (required in certains only, check code)
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FSH-3.5 VENTLESS HOOD 7/17/2017 12/29/2099 Download
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FSH-3.5/4 Hood Operating Manual 1/1/2012 12/31/2099 Download